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How do I know if my balcony is leaking?

Apart from ceiling leaks or moisture stains, here are some signs your balcony might be leaking:

1. Drummy (hollow) tiles:

Tiles that feel hollow when you walk on them indicate air voids are underneath the tiles which should not be there and can be attributed to a) incorrect application of the adhesive underneath the tiles during construction or b) an inexistent or deteriorating waterproof membrane underneath the tiles causing moisture build-up eventually leading to water transfer to the substrate, slab and internal areas.

2. Efflorescence (white powdery stains):

Efflorescence on tiles, grout or ceilings is a sign of moisture transfer. There is no waterproof membrane (WPM) or if there is, it's deteriorating as moisture moves through the grout, tiles, WPM, screed and back again bringing soluble salts with it as it rises back to the surface.

3. Concrete cancer:

Water exposure at your balcony over long periods can lead to concrete cancer. Concrete cancer occurs when water is able to pass through tiled or painted finishes to the steel reinforcement within the concrete. From there, the water begins to rust the steel then continues to the rest of the building, eventually deteriorating its structure. The first signs are surface rust stains and bubbling paint, then cracked or spalling concrete and visible rusted steel sticking out of the concrete.

If your balcony is showing any of the above signs, contact Perth Balcony Repair today. We're here to help you look after your property.


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