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Waterproofing investigation at Scarborough apartment balcony

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Perth Balcony Repair carried out investigative works at a residential apartment balcony in Scarborough to find the cause of long-standing ceiling leaks occurring in the apartment below it.

The tenant of the affected apartment had been experiencing ceiling leaks in their living room for several years.

As the problem had not been rectified, they had to use buckets on a regular basis to help collect the water.

These pictures show the ceiling damage where the leaks were occurring.

To find the cause of the ceiling leaks, Perth Balcony Repair carried out an investigation of the tiled balcony floor above the affected apartment.

Upon investigating the tiled floor of the balcony above the affected apartment, Perth Balcony Repair saw that the waterproof membrane which is normally supposed to cover the substrate underneath, had almost completed disappeared.

This meant that without a waterproof barrier, water could reach the slab underneath through to the apartment below causing leaks.

Perth Balcony Repair recommended that waterproofing works be done to the balcony which would help stop the water leaks from occurring and further property damage.


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